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Reporting Requirements

The past three years challenged how we all operate. It would be helpful for us to understand the magnitude of the challenges you are facing and the ways that we might be helpful now and going forward. Please address these questions in your final report:

  • What organizational changes have you made in response to COVID-19, and how has this affected your operations?
  • What are your current primary challenges and concerns?
  • What impact has the COVID-19 crisis had on your financial health and stability?


Final reports will be submitted through the online system. As always, the due dates are provided in the grant award letter. When the report is due, please log into your account at to access the form.

Please note that you must log in with the same User ID and Password used to submit the online application. The form will be located under the “Requirements” tab. (If you do not see it under that tab, look under “In Progress Requirements”). In addition, you may contact Laura Romero, Grants Manager, if you have any questions or need assistance accessing your account. Please note that 12-month Final Reports should be based on the time period listed in your grant application, not when you received the grant.

PLEASE NOTE: The Foundation no longer uses the Grantee Expense Form. If you have already downloaded it, please disregard it and provide instead YTD Actuals vs Budget that was submitted with your original grant application.


The final self-evaluation form will contain the following questions:

1.) Please state your organizationís success in meeting those objectives and any problems encountered. If there were any changes to the original goals and anticipated outcomes, please explain.

2.) In hindsight, what do you wish you had done differently?

3.) What steps has your organization made towards greater self-sufficiency?